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Health and Safety – Top 12 Tips for Workplace H&S

Is your workplace a health and safety nightmare? 

Health and safety is often the last thing on the minds of busy businesses but if an accident happens, the realisation dawns that it could probably have been avoided. Additionally, serious accidents result in pain (or worse), time, trouble, expense and a lot of inconvenience as well as business interruptions.
Recent legal and court changes have resulted in unlimited fines and prison sentences of up to 18 years for the most serious health and safety offences. 
Here are our favourite 12 H&S tips to help keep you out of court, out of jail and out of trouble!

1. Provide the Health and Safety at Work Law Poster 
Either display the official H&S poster at work or give staff a copy of the approved HSE leaflet.
NOTE: We can provide the new style HSE poster for just £18 inclusive of VAT and P&P. Email orders to:
2. Assess the risks in your business
You have probably heard of the term ‘risk assessments’. These will help avoid accidents in the first place, but after any serious incident, the H&S, Fire or Insurance inspector will want to see your risk assessments. So assess and then manage the health and safety risks of your business. Write up the results clearly - it could be good evidence for you later.
Examples topics areas that we write risk assessments on are: Fire; Chemicals (COSHH); Electrical; PPE; Manual Handling; Lone Working; Work at Height; Slips, Trips & Falls; Driving; Computer use (DSE); Stress; Use of Stepladders; Use of hand tools; Noise; and Vibration etc.
Note: Email us for a free simple Risk Assessment Template document:
3. Write a Health & Safety Policy
This sets out your general approach, objectives and the arrangements you have in place for managing health and safety. It’s a legal requirement and something the Inspectors will want to see if they visit. Have the policy printed - it may provide good evidence for the business.  
Note: We write hundreds of Policies every year. Email ask us for a free quote:

4. Provide health and safety training
Provide health and safety training for employees so that they are aware of the hazards and risks in the workplace and are equipped to manage them. The Inspectors will always want evidence of H&S training after any visit so check employees understand the responsibilities that they have.
Note: Our Certificated H&S Training on your site starts from just £497 for up to 20 staff. Email for a quote:
5. Appoint a “Competent Person”
The law says you must appoint someone “competent” to help you to meet your health and safety duties. Internal staff that have had training or an external consultant can be used - you decide. We are the Appointed Competent Person for a number of businesses.
Note: Email us on: Complete H&S Packages start from just £99 per month.
6. Carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)
All businesses with premises (leased or owned) must carry out a FRA.  Have it in writing & detail your fire extinguishers, alarm/smoke systems, fire signs, escape distances, assembly area etc.
Note: Safety is the Key can advise you further and our Fire Risk Assessments start from just £349. Email us:
7. Have your electrical systems and portable appliances checked (PAT)
Electrical faults can kill and are a major cause of fires in businesses. Have the building systems certificated every 5 years and your portable electrical appliances checked regularly (i.e. every one, two or three years depending on the work environment and equipment use). Portable appliance testing (PAT) is just one method - any suitable checking regime can be used.
Note: Email us on: for more information on PAT checks.
8. Provide a safe environment and basic welfare facilities
Provide a safe & healthy environment for employees i.e. lighting, temperature etc. Include suitable welfare such as toilets, washing facilities and drinking water.
9. Log all accidents as some may need reporting
Put all your accidents, incidents and near-misses in your Accident Book. There are some accidents and diseases that you must report to the HSE Inspector under regulations known as RIDDOR. Email us for info on or visit
NOTE: We can provide a Safety Pack (2 x Accident Books and 2 x Fire Log Books) for just £18 inclusive of VAT and P&P. Email orders to:
10. Provide First Aid facilities
You must provide first aid in your workplaces and your assessment will determine what is adequate and suitable. For example, first aid may include first aid boxes; travel kits, trained ‘first-aiders’ or untrained ‘appointed persons’. Still not sure? The email us:
NOTE: We can provide a HSE approved First Aid Kit suitable for 1-10 employees for just £18 inclusive of VAT and P&P. Email orders to:
11. Carry out an Asbestos Survey and employee training
If your premises were built before 1999, get an Asbestos Survey and manage any found. If your staff may be exposed to asbestos during their work (i.e. all construction-related etc.) you must train them in asbestos awareness annually. We train hundreds of operatives every year.
Note: Our Asbestos Surveys start from just £349 and certificated staff training is £497 for up to 20 attendees. Email us for more information:
12. Take out Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance
All but the single self-employed people need this by law.
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