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"Just a quick note to thank you for your speedy work updating our Health and Safety documentation. We have been in such a panic during the office move, we simply had no time to do this ourselves and appreciate your quick response time." 
 Dr Bruce Carter, Operations Director, The Green Desk
Remember, EVERY UK business must comply with certain health and safety legislation.
If you are running your own business (with just yourself and no more than 3 others), you should have in place Health and Safety systems and procedures as well as general Risk Assessments and an Accident Book.
As well as keeping you legal, these documents will help you when tendering for contracts; joining 'Approved Lists; completing Questionnaires; dealing with Insurance companies; when training staff; when defending legal action against your company or when expanding your business.
It is a legal requirement for UK businesses employing 5 or more staff, to have a written, valid and updated Health and Safety Policy. This should set out how you manage health and safety in your organisation. Furthermore, you will require Risk Assessments; an Accident Book; a First Aid kit; a Fire Log Book; the statutory H&S Poster and a Fire Risk Assessment (if you own/rent/lease premises).
Safety is the Key provides these important health and safety policies and documents to suit your organisation, along with suitable training. We can also review current documentation and help improve that if needed. (Most Policies we review do not comply with H&S Legislation!). Our aim is to ensure you have a usable and practical document that satisfies your local inspector, the regulations and you as a business.
We are happy to arrange a free consultation to review the documents you currently have, and offer suggestions for improvements.

See Option 12 on our main Prices page.

Option 12: 
Health and Safety Policy for your business: £397.
A fully comprehensive H&S Policy written for your company and compliant with current health and safety legislation. 

Written by a highly qualified and experienced health and safety professional, it includes telephone advice and assistance, along with a free H&S Audit Checklist to enable you to measure your compliance with H&S legislation.

Feel free to contact us for health and safety advice or information.