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"The Health & Safety Inspector was due to call by and we were not sure if our company fully complied. Safety is the Key came by at short notice and updated all our documentation, gave us training and produced a report in no time. We were very happy and the inspector went away happy too! We would happily recommend Safety is the Key to any business." 
 Mr S Johnston, Finance Director, Hanson Direct Mail

The HSE Inspectors can charge a "FFI" (Fee for Intervention) if they find material health and safety problems at your work premises. 

A review of your health and safety will be a lot cheaper before they visit rather than after you get their letter! 

The HSE Inspectors charge £154 per hour for 'material breaches' of regulations found on your premise. That means if you have a 15 minute tea break during their visit, it will cost you over £38!
Some common problems they find include:

  • Unsafe working practices.
  • Hazardous materials i.e. dust, asbestos etc.
  • Unguarded or dangerous machinery.

Inspectors can issue a "Prohibition Notice" requiring work to stop, or an "Improvement Notice" requiring certain safety improvements to be made urgently.

Tips to dealing with the inspectors:

  • Be polite and helpful. Being the opposite will only make things worse for you.
  • Don't ignore their advice. Delaying improvements will only make things worse for you.
  • Don't deal with this alone. Get help from a health and safety consultant who will know how to deal with the situation to stop it escalating to court.

We are often called in after Inspectors have visited (either Fire, HSE, Local Authority or Insurance Inspectors) and can help you in many ways to satisfy their requests.
You may have received a visit from the Inspector for a variety of reasons such as: a complaint; an accident or just a regular planned inspection.
We have seen real Enforcement Notices issued by Inspectors and, although complex, we can guide you through the process and help get you out of any difficulties. 

We have a range of straight-forward services that, with a small monthly fee, can look after your business H&S needs. These include:
Bronze, Silver, or Gold H&S Packages. See Prices for details.

Who enforces who?
HSE Health and Safety Executive enforce legislation in these premises:
Factories; Construction; Workshops; Schools; Printers; Dentists; Car repairs garages; Doctors; Universities; LA Council owned premises; Dry cleaners; Fairgrounds; Hospitals; Mines; TV repairs
LA Local Authority Council H&S Enforcement teams enforce legislation in these premises:
Shops; Offices; Hairdressers; Cinemas; Hotels; Leisure activities; Warehouses; Banks; Tyre and exhaust centres; Beauty parlours; Churches; Launderettes (coin operated); Residential care homes (unless Council owned)
Can you afford NOT to have good H&S?

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