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"Shabbir was a great help in getting our H&S documentation up to date. It was the first time we had a proper discussion about any potential risks related to the work we do. He made some simple suggestions which are easy to implement and we will be using Safety is the Key for all our future Health and safety requirements." 
B V Bers, Director, Gateway Lettings
The Key to Safety? Safety is the Key.
We can carry out your Fire Risk Assessment.

Do I Need A Fire Risk Assessment for my Company?
All business owners with premises must conduct a fire risk assessment. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (known as RRO or FSO) replaced over 100 previous fire safety at work statutes.
Risk assessment to prevent fires
The RRO affects all non-domestic premises in England and Wales. It requires business-owners to conduct an assessment of the fire risk for the premises.
What is a Fire Risk Assessment?
A thorough examination of your business premises and activities, and how they may pose a fire risk to your staff, your property and your visitors. You must record and take steps to reduce this risk, as part of your 'duty of care' to those on your premises, and those in the vicinity if applicable.
What Is My "Duty of Care'?
·         Businesses need to protect employees.
·         Shop owners have to protect customers;
·         Landlords must protect their tenants;
·         Hotel owners should protect their guests;
What must Businesses ‘Assess’?
·         The risk posed
·         The likelihood of that risk happening
·         The existing fire precautions in place
·         Who (staff or visitor) is “especially at risk”, such as the blind, elderly, disabled or the deaf
If the Inspector calls?
You must prove you have done this and keep accurate fire log book records. Fines for not having this document are significant and far outweigh the cost of the exercise for any organisation.
Who can do a Fire Risk Assessment?
Anyone with some formal training, knowledge and experience in fire prevention. There are official (lengthy) guides to help for various types of premises.

If you do not feel confident or your staff do not have the training, knowledge or experience, then call in the experts such as Safety is the Key.

We will undertake a detailed investigation of your site and issue a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment to help your organisation and satisfy the Insurance Inspector, the Fire Inspector and the Health and Safety Inspector.
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