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What is CDM 2015 about?
CDM 2015 aims to make all construction work safer. The Regulations set out the requirements for managing health and safety on construction PROJECTS. A project is more than a construction site – it can apply to installations, maintenance and refurbishments as well as new-builds. 
The regulations make it clear that duty holders (i.e. contractors, designers, workers, Clients etc.) must understand their roles and duties, and be accountable for the safety of the Project and site.

How can SITK Ltd t/s Safety is the Key help?:
We can advise on site safety, construction phase plans (CPPs), risk assessments and methods statements and carry out independent site safety audits and inspections. Just call or email us for details and pricing. 
Duty holders – Clients:
Clients are the head of the procurement chain and the major influence on project standards and culture. As the project is for the benefit of the client, it is only right that they are involved. The client is not expected to take an active role in managing the work, but must make arrangements for managing the project.

The Client’s Principals:
The client’s principals are the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor, and co-ordination between them all is key to a successful project. The PD and PC have equivalent and related roles for liaison and exchange of information during both the design and build stages of a project. The PD is responsible for all the pre-construction phase and any design work wherever it happens throughout the life of the project, which could overlap into the construction phase as well.
Duty holders – Principal Designer (PD):
The PD will carry out many of the functions previously carried out by a CDM-Coordinator. The key role of the PD is to act as a conduit for information flow. 
Duty holders – Principal Contractor (PC):
The PC should manage and co-ordinate the construction side of the project as well as liaise with all relevant parties throughout the construction phase.

Duty holders – Designer
Designer duties remain to reduce or control risks through the design process and provide risk information with design drawings.

Duty holders – Contractor
The PC is a contractor first and then a principal contractor after that. The Contractor has wide range of duties including: 
• look for corporate bodies with organisational capability, relevant policies, structures and safe systems in place
• comply with the directions given by the PD and PC
• draw up the Construction Phase Plan, even if they are the only contractor on site, and should appoint individuals who have - or are in the process of obtaining - the necessary skills, knowledge, training and education.
CDM Construction Phase Plan or CPP
These will now be expected for all reasonably sized projects, and will apply to smaller sites. A draft template CPP has been produced for use by small contractors when working for domestic clients. It covers the basic requirements for a CPP, including information about who is involved in the work, and how the main risks will be managed. The aim is to get small contractors to think about the work and potential hazards before the job commences. This template is available via and a phone application.

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