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New chair of the HSE

On the 1st May 2016 Martin Temple took over the role of chair of the HSE - the Health and Safety Executive.

Martin has been working with the HSE for some time; including leading its triennial review in 2014.

What to expect? 

Although Martin is likely to want to make his mark, we don't think that there will be wholesale changes being made to the way the HSE operates. However, he has already stated that he wants the HSE to become more commercial. 

Sadly, in our opinion, he means that the HSE will continue to generate an income from the businesses it visits by charging them 'when they find material problems.'

So FFI (fee for intervention), for example, looks set to stay, and will probably rise from its current level of £124 per hour. 

We also expect the Health & Safety Laboratory to continue to offer training courses and other services.