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FFI arrived October 2012. 

The HSE introduced the fee for intervention (FFI) scheme on October 1st 2012. 

The HSE has stated that income targets won't be introduced but it currently charges £129 per hour for visits if the inspector feels the business is non-compliant in some way.

A recent report has suggested that, due to the success of FFI in raising so much revenue, Local Authority inspectors are considering introducing this fee as well.

In May 2013, the HSE issued 2,541 FFI invoices - average £428.52 per invoice. 
In May 2014 the HSE invoiced 2,925 companies - average £546.25 per invoice.
In 2015, the average for invoices shows £766.08 per invoice.

The HSE are currently on a recruitment drive for more inspectors.

Tip. Although it appears that inspectors' visits are short, because their time is chargeable at £129 per hour, it won't take long for a large bill to rack up. With this in mind, if you are caught out, address the breach identified in the letter or notice as quickly as possible. Keep the inspector up to date with your progress, e.g. by e-mailing photos, making regular phone calls, etc.

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