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19th May 2017

Have you heard of the new guidance on spa-pools?
“Spa-pools” covers a variety of equipment designed to contain warm, agitated water including hot-tubs, spa-baths and whirlpool baths.
If you have any of these, you must read and adhere to the new HSE guidance: “The Control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems - HSG282.”
These pools are a known source of infection. An outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease can cause fatalities, whilst other infectious agents which breed in poorly managed pools can also have very unpleasant effects, e.g. folliculitis, e-coli and viral skin infections.
Spa-pools are a high risk because the water is kept at warm temperatures (usually 30 to 40 degrees celsius), ideal for the growth of bacteria, and the high bather load ensures there’s plenty of organic matter.
In addition, the agitation of the water creates tiny droplets which are inhaled. For these reasons the management of water quality is critical.
Shabbir Says:

The guidance applies to all spa-pools including hot-tubs and spa-baths. It outlines how inadequate design or management can cause various nasty diseases. Use this guide to ensure you have the right procedures including a written scheme of control.

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“Along with many contractors, we required health and safety accreditation to gain some valuable contracts. Safety is the Key were recommended to us and they made the whole process so easy. Shabbir revised and added to our H&S documents; carried out Certificated H&S training for all our staff, and even uploaded all the documents to the accreditation company. I am delighted to say that we are now fully accredited and I can’t thank Shabbir and his team enough for their help.” 
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